by bethanybump

I’m still getting used to bright lights. Clarity. The slightest speckle of green in the eyes of a friend.

Summer is joyous when it finally arrives here. The winters are long, cloudy, gray. And followed by rain, clouds, and more clouds. But the sun is here and we all want to be in the path of its warm rays. We longed for these moments as if we’re remembering the best hug we’ve ever had.

I like these hugs. I like the brightness and the exposure and the longing for our ideal life to manifest at any moment.

I love the colors summer reveals and the ease it brings over us. I can see it in these places:

It smells like salt and clean, cold sand, fragrant flowers, old wood and our best selves.

Step away and the water changes from clear to pretty blue. The trees lose their majesty and the buildings rise up, like a clarion call for humankind to keep dominating.

It can only be dreamed. The static rush of water pounding rocks blur our thoughts and we’re left somewhere between the origin and our sterilized lives.

Photos via Flickr, Flickr and Flickr.