by bethanybump

My hot new crush is on the Midwest. The men out there know simple living, listen to rad music and boy do they know how to dress.

So when I found The Midwestyle, I ogled over all the cute boys in all their cute outfits. I’m no fashionista, mostly because of my budget, but I still enjoy looking over fashion blogs in my spare time. Apparently I now look at men’s fashion and I won’t lie, I kind of want to be a man for a week just to try out some of these awesome styles.

I can pinpoint when my Midwest fashion crush began. The bowties, the scarves, the slender pant legs and the quirky mix of patterns are all worn best by Spencer Reid, glorified genius from Criminal Minds. Matthew Gray Gubler is one skinny boy with sexy hair, a beautiful face and rad style. Yes please.

Here’s what the guys behind The Midwestyle say about their fashion site:

“We’re a group of young men with roots in mid-America and an affinity for menswear and lifestyle. We spend our time researching, shopping, conversing and actively engaging in the menswear lifestyle….in the Midwest. We recognize that men’s lifestyle and fashion are hyped from larger cities like New York and Los Angeles. We’re not saying we know it all or know a thing, but there doesn’t seem to be much of a voice from the Midwest at the table. Allow us to to pull up a chair.”

If you like skinny ties, plaid, Oxfords and suspenders too, you will like The Midwestyle.