Trail adventures

by bethanybump

I begrudgingly realized the other day that I was spending a bit too much time behind my laptop. My eyes began to hurt and my legs felt restless. I had the urge to run around in circles or go back in time to when correspondence took place via snail mail.

Well, I finally caved and got a bike instead. A baby blue Lamborghini bike:

I haven’t really ridden since early high school, when my friends and I would bicycle to the pay phones or nearby novelty store on our summer camping trips. I wasn’t sure what kind of bike I had in mind. I don’t know brands other than Schwinn and so I told myself my bike just needed to be sea green and awesome. When I took a seat on a Lamborghini though, I knew it was meant to be.

Afterward I rode about 10 miles on a nearby bike trail, passed an Alice in Wonderland-esque mushroom, took a shower in some brief rains, avoided goose poop and unleashed dogs, and stopped to pick pretty flowers like a little kid.

My mom giving context to this freakishly large mushroom.

My latest wonderment has been the awesome colors in nature. How do strawberries get so red and how does nature produce this lovely purpley-pink color? My mind is simple these days.

It was a breezy, carefree adventure and much-needed time spent away from my computer. I’m already looking forward to more adventures.