A winter’s farewell

by bethanybump

It seems like I woke up just the other day, looked out my curtains and saw a white blanket of snow on the haphazard quadrangle outside. Mmmmm, Central New York. There was no respite from the snow. The cozy feelings of hot chocolate, scarves and fireplaces that coincide with the onset of winter quickly subside after about a month, maybe two.

With only sunshine ahead for the next five months, I want to say goodbye and so long winter. When I stumbled on the photos below though, I marveled at how pretty Austria makes winter look. And how maybe, just maybe I could live with it a little longer. This little town in Salzburg is so enchanting!

A bridge crosses the Salzach River to the Salzburg old town.

St Wolfgang Pilgrimage Church by the Wolfgangsee.

The Salzach River winds its way through the Salzburg old town.

Then again, I really love moccasin season.

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