City reflections

by bethanybump

Kal Gajoum was 10 when he entered his first art contest. A family friend, who attended the Leonardo Da Vinci School of Art in Rome, later introduced him to oil painting with palette knives.

I once used a palette knife to paint a horse and Native American relaxing by a river. If you caught me anytime in the middle of the process you would have thought I was smearing globs of paint to depict zombie brains or something. But I still love the finished product.

Below are a few of the mesmerizing cityscapes Gajoum paints using this technique. Aren’t they dreamy? He paints anything from the iconic European landmarks of Paris and London to New York. Using oil painting techniques and watercolor, Gajoum creates subjects vivid in color and hypnotizing in depth. They almost remind me of scenes out of Inception.

Check out more of Gajoum’s cityscapes.