Cotton breathing when the sea winds

by bethanybump

Spring finally made its way to Syracuse. After snowy treks and torrential downpours, the sun is here to hopefully stay. With it comes time to sit outside and ponder the future. And don’t you know that clouds for some reason draw out the desire for future-pondering? Why is that? Does anybody know? There’s something about the vast sky and magical floating water above our heads that makes us feel wonderfully small in our big, beautiful world. So we sit and think about our place in it, and wonder how we would like to spend our days.

Once again, National Geographic turns out some stunning photos.

Altocumulus Undulatus Clouds

Fluffy altocumulus undulatus clouds stain the sky red above a row of trees, and often herald an approaching storm.

Mackerel Sky Sunset

A “mackerel sky” adds to a striking sunset scene in Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England. Ripples of altocumulus or cirrocumulus clouds resemble the markings of a king mackerel.

Winisk River Sunset

Colorful clouds and calm water create a striking sunset scene for canoeists on Winisk River in Ontario, Canada.

Goodness, I’m such a wistful daydreamer these days…

Take a peek at more NatGeo cloud pictures. They’re definitely worth the look. I also recommend lying in a big open field, Relient K’s “Savannah” on your iPod, and feeling the rhythm of your breathing while staring at the clouds above.