Whimsical sleep

by bethanybump

I don’t know if I would be gutsy enough to own one of these, but these hanging beds are so lovely and fun:

The stories behind them are, too. The woman who made this hanging bed has wanted one since she was young. “Ever since I was a child I dreamed of having a hanging bed, enjoying an afternoon nap as wind lightly blows and birds softly sing me to sleep. I have kept that dream alive over the years by compiling a file filled with pictures, stories of cozy cabins and homes with whimsy hanging beds,” she writes.

I always wanted a window seat in my bedroom, thanks to Clarissa Explains It All. And I used to want a waterbed, until I spent one too many freezing nights and sore mornings on a friend’s waterbed. I think I forgot the allure of warm breezes though! I’ve had snow and endless rain the last few months.

A hanging bed sounds like just what I need right now: cozy and relaxing.

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