Special lens

by bethanybump

I came across some prints this morning that stopped me short. Lawrence Yang, a San Francisco local, updates a blog with his stunning artwork, which he describes as a mix of graffiti art and traditional Chinese painting. Using ink, marker and watercolor, he creates paintings that are a bit surreal — combining atmosphere and emotion. “They are concerned primarily with creating order out of chaos, and vice versa,” he writes.

Bloom by Lawrence Yang

I used to draw and paint in high school. I got out of the habit once I started college, but I remember the catharsis of painting. And I will always appreciate artists because they take things we all observe, much like photographers do, and interpret them in ways we didn’t think were possible. There is something special about the raw end product — a tangible piece borne of a person’s unique creative lens. Beautiful.

Restore by Lawrence Yang

To view more of Yang’s work, check out his website.