Overheard in bookstores

by bethanybump

“Are they going to turn those Lord of the Rings movies into books?”

“How can you sell these (sex) books? Kids can just read them and learn how to do everything!” —Little old lady

“What’s the reason for your return?” “It didn’t work.” —Customer looking down at sex book, gift receipt in hand

“Does it have vampires?” —Customer holding Crime and Punishment

“Do you have any Shakespeare translated into English?”

“I’m looking for Mockingjay. You know it…it’s the sequel to To Kill a Mockingbird.”

“Do you have an audio book to learn sign language?”

“Where’s the 17 Day Diet at? I need to lose some weight fast.” —Customer slurping McDonald’s shake

“It’s a shame you’re closing but, hey, it’s not like we use a horse and buggy anymore, either.”

“I don’t know the author, but it’s called Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.”

I guess it must take a lot of patience to work in a bookstore. Have you ever asked a really dumb question in a bookstore? Fun fact: When the TV show Grey’s Anatomy premiered, I walked into my local library and asked for the name of the author who wrote Grey’s Anatomy. I have this compulsion to first read the book of anything made into a movie or TV show. The librarian looked at me as though I were a complete idiot, walked away, and came back and plopped down the giant Grey’s Anatomy medical book in front of me.