Honeycombs and the literal book shelf

by bethanybump

Any lover of books who is also a neat freak (like myself) probably enjoys discovering new bookshelf ideas. I hate letting books pile in a corner. And indeed, I spent a little too much time this week assessing my handywoman know-how and wondering if I would be able to make make the following two bookshelves myself. Check them out. I think they’re adorable.

These honeycomb shelves were created from hexagonal shelves for free using salvaged cabinet doors and brackets. Do it yourself, courtesy of Design*Sponge.

The literal book shelf: How ironic. And fabulous. But now we are faced with a painstaking decision: What books do you relegate to holding up your other books? I rarely throw away books, but I might go with the dusty copy of Moths and Butterflies (LOL why do I own this?!) I found in my loft a while back. But, it unfortunately has no aesthetic appeal. Do it yourself, courtesy of Real Simple.