School House Road

by bethanybump

The Faceted Couroucou by Carrie Marill

I remember the creeks, body surfing, crawfishing, our own private island, my rock collection, the smell of the woods and the slippery moss on the rocks.

This artwork by Carrie Marill is so quirky and fun. It reminds me of our old house in the woods, the dirt road and days spent with my sister and brother out by the creek — our own personal playground.

Marill gives a quick little bio about her work: “I am a full time visual artist who has a keen interest in the natural world. With my gouache on paper paintings, I navigate the rich history of nature illustration and combine it with a contemporary pop aesthetic.”

Interesting! OK, now I’m missing grade school art classes.

See more artwork by Marill. I especially love this one and this one. (The last one reminds me of puzzles I used to put together in my loft when I was recuperating from a fifth grade bike accident and thought I was near death. I wasn’t.)