A type of mood, a mood for type

by bethanybump

Even before I attended a school big on communications and design, I was a bit of a font nerd. I blame it on AOL Instant Messenger — the Facebook of the early 2000s. Customized infos, away messages and IM fonts. It was a picky process. After all, your typeface said a lot about you. Times New Roman was for the lazy, the too-cool-to-care-about-fonts group. Comic Sans was for—well, let’s just say the people I know who used Comic Sans dropped out of community college and are now working at Burger King. The sophisticated, like me (hahajklol), chose a nice serif font like Book Antiqua or Georgia. My point is, my font appreciation only grew once I started taking classes at Newhouse. So when I came across this article today in The Atlantic I was so intrigued.

I think fellow design and typeface nerds might appreciate these photos by Spanish design company Atipo. Designers Raul Garcia Del Pomar and Ismael Gonzalez created a series of posters to express the sentiment of four typefaces: Helvetica Bold, Caslon Italic, Carousel Medium and Clarendon Bold.

So pretty. So spooky.

Images courtesy of Atipo via theatlantic.com.