People people throw your love around

by bethanybump

I worked on a story this week that involved speaking to many passionate people (my favorite kind, personally). If you go through life perpetually bored, perpetually cynical, or just plain miserable to those around you for no good reason at all, well, I really want nothing to do with you. I see people like this every day. And it used to be disappointing — going through your day with practically no friendly encounters, no “Good mornings!” or “Have a nice days”. Worse than that are people whose bottom line in everything they do is for their own hubris. Get a grip. For me, what makes the every day special is interacting with people who don’t just want to serve themselves. I’m not saying everyone needs to paste on a happy face just for the hell of it either. I don’t know. I just have come to be bored by how contagious negativity seems to be.

Anyhow, that said, check out some of the passionate people trying to keep the arts alive in Syracuse.

Until next time, stay bright, stay shiny, stay happy people.