Millionaire ideations

by bethanybump

“Money for me has only one sound: liberty.” —Gabrielle Chanel

A winning Powerball ticket was sold at a Stewart’s shop in Wilton, N.Y., the other day. No one has claimed it yet. Someone out there holds a slip of paper worth $48.8 million (before the federal and state government lay claim to nearly half of it, of course). When I read about this it got me thinking about what on earth I would do with that kind of money.

The quest for more money is so ingrained into my life, into almost everyone I know’s life, that it’s hard to at first identify why we do what we do. What motivates us to choose a career? To treat people the way we treat them? To pursue a particular education? (“More people are bribed by their own money than anybody else’s.” —Jonathan Daniels)

I began to play out the sudden millionaire fantasy. With certain requisites (pay off student loans, help family, invest) out of the way I began to imagine the sound of liberty:

It sounds like education and helping others.

The Hague, Netherlands

Education by travel and museums and art and buildings and churches and lovely libraries and first hand observations.

Helping others by volunteer work when and wherever it’s needed and because troubled souls are almost always cured by lending a caring hand to others.

This is shit everyone is forced to do in their downtime, and even then so many people aren’t well off enough to have downtime. I suppose I admire most the people who, though not well off, still work every day at bettering other people’s lives and their own minds.