Cool find of the week

by bethanybump

After getting my new macbook pro last week, I asked the salesman who helped us where I could get a good notebook sleeve (don’t want to damage this new beauty). He recommended a site his friend got one from:

I am in love.

I love wasting time on arts and crafts websites, and this site isn’t a far cry from that. All of the items featured on the site are handmade, vintage or unique that users can buy or sell. Sometimes we get so caught up in different versions of trendy items in mainstream stores. So this site was especially refreshing to peruse. I’ve already bookmarked so many items for my personal wish list.

Oh, and the notebook sleeve I fell in love with:

I would never find something this unique in an Apple store or Walmart. It’s made from a jute coffee bag that was used to transport raw coffee beans to this user’s local coffee roastery. Cool beans.