Things that make me happy, #1

by bethanybump

Amidst the craziness of our lives, I’ve found it keeps me sane to clock out for a minute or two each day and think about something that makes me happy. Inspired by the blog 1000 Awesome Things, I am going to try and share things that make me happy — every day. Sort of (because I’ve said I would blog every day in the past, too, and that sort of never happened).

I’ve been cleaning out my loft the past few days. I’ve come across a lot of old magazines, musty books piled in corners and old papers. But if there’s one thing that makes sorting through piles of junk worth it, it’s definitely the smell of books.

Yes, the smell of books makes me happy. And I know I’m not alone. Tons of bibliophiles are also lovers of new book smell, old book smell and the in-between. They should make a candle with a new book smell scent. I should market that idea. And then loaf around and live off the earnings from that brilliant idea.