An idle mind makes for these drifting thoughts

by bethanybump

I was thinking today about how it’s nice sometimes to be pleasant instead of automatically cynical. I was thinking that it’s freeing to smile rather than hold onto a scowl out of self-preservation. I was thinking today that it’s nice to just be, rather than worrying needlessly. I was thinking about the people and the things in my life that I truly appreciate. And I was thinking about the ones I have to work a little harder at appreciating, and how even though it may be difficult, it feels worth it to see someone’s good qualities over their bad. We all have our bad qualities, and they’re all subjective, really.

I was thinking today about how things are moving along nicely, and just because things are going to change doesn’t mean things have to change.

I was thinking today about some of the simple things that make me happy. I really love the smell of the fall at home. In the country, the leaves smell so crisp around Halloween and Thanksgiving. And the cold is biting in just the right way. And coats smell musty from being kept inside for so long. And the sound of dry leaves underfoot is like music to my ears. And cinnamon and pine candles seem to go just right with dim lighting and relaxed conversation. Cheesy holiday decorations surround us and it’s all so familiar and so comforting in some way. This time of year didn’t even seem to pass when we were younger. As we grow older, it feels fleeting. But there’s no reason it should. The days are shorter but it’s OK. It’s all OK. We have family and we have friends and we have the small, simple things to get us by.