The soundtrack to life

by bethanybump

Times when it is appropriate to listen to an album by The Rocket Summer (Which album? Irrelevant. Any one will do.):

  • When you wake up. Gets you ready for the day.
  • During a long drive.
  • During a short drive, drives are always enhanced by TRS.
  • Whilst exercising. Burns more calories, I swear by it.
  • During cool down/stretching after exercise. Gets your mind in the right place.
  • When life sucks. It makes it unsucky.
  • When life is simply great. Life is always enhanced by TRS.
  • Before bed. Gets you ready for another day.
  • While showering, acoustics are especially good for some TRS.
  • While getting ready for the day, this includes teeth brushing, hair drying, make up putting on, getting dressed, etc.
  • After you’ve just heard some really bad music. Makes you appreciate TRS more.
  • After you’ve just heard some really good music. Makes you realize the really good music isn’t as good as TRS.
  • When you feel inadequate. TRS inspires, boosts self-esteem.
  • When you feel accomplished. TRS affirms, inspires to accomplish more.
  • When feeling lazy and in need of productivity. Gives you just that boost you need.
  • While at the height of productivity.
  • When you’re having a bad day, TRS is there for you.
  • When you’re having a good day, TRS makes you smile more.

Essentially, The Rocket Summer is always appropriate to listen to. Normally, I’ll tire of really good albums after repeated listens, then go back to them, then tire, then go back. But, I can’t exactly say that’s been the case with TRS. I never tire of him, seriously.

Bryce at Warped Tour, July 14. I have so many more where this came from.