‘We’d rather break our bones than brave this loneliness. We draw blood ’cause we’re trying to draw out some significance.’

by bethanybump

Sometimes I need a couple energetic, infectious songs to get me through the day. I saw House of Heroes perform as one of several opening acts for Relient K a few years ago and they were just the band to give me that. I had listened to some of their songs prior to the concert (Seriously, listen to In the Valley of the Dying Sun) and was pretty much blown away by the raw power of their vocals, guitar, drums — just really good rock music. I’ve been listening to their new album and am not disappointed. Here are some of my favorites:

Love Is For The Middle Class” with lyrics

Anyway, I’ve been promoting them quite enthusiastically the last couple of days because I honestly think good bands need to be heard. Go hear ’em!