Keith Olbermann rocks. Self appointed martyrs do not.

by bethanybump

Since the beginning of this whole scandal with Miss California Carrie Prejean, I’ve grappled with the words for how I feel. How I feel about her and others who preach to me about the evil lifestyle that is homosexuality. I think we all know how I feel about this. So maybe she didn’t come right out and point her finger and say “You perverts are living in sin!” But her quiet, proud, “God gave me this opportunity to witness to America” attitude is what has stuck in my subconscious and made me harbor animosity toward her.

The below video sums up most of what I feel about this. I ❤ Keith. He will forever remain my favorite pissy liberal.

I remember watching the clip of Ms. Prejean’s speech yesterday and at the moments she began getting teary-eyed, I found myself getting teary-eyed as well. But, not for her. Never for her. Because what I found incredibly upsetting, was her boasting about her grandfather or great grandfather or whatever fighting for her constitutional right of free speech, which she was in turn “being punished for.” And when she began getting emotional on camera, I could only picture tons of “opposite marriage” advocates gathering behind their TV screens pissing and moaning about their worthy cause and the trial and tribulation they suffer to defend it. They are now the martyr and those seeking equality are the ones they must “forgive and pray for” to find their way, if you will.

I got frustrated, I got sad, because these issues divide us so much. And as much as I would love to “agree to disagree” as Miss California suggests we should do, the fact remains that agreeing to disagree still hinders someone’s rights. Traditional marriage advocates would still have the upperhand and gays would still be denied a right that for goodness sake SHOULD be constitutional by now. Don’t tell me we haven’t changed the constitution throughout history to accommodate for civil and cultural changes that allow for more equality. I call bullshit.

I got sad. I got pissed off that these “martyrs” shake their heads in unison at us “progressive” people who actually want to grant our fellow citizens their rights. Because as much as it may be their opinion or their faith, that doesn’t mean a segment of the population needs to adhere by their religious sanctions.

I got sad because we have 11-year old kids getting ridiculed and bullied for being gay. These kids were made to feel so terrible about themselves that they then commit suicide. They had their whole life before them. And these stories aren’t few and far between. They’re all too common and they make me sick.

Honestly I could give a shit about the marriage issue. Yes, I think it’s what right. But what hurts me is that others are suffering discrimination and the hatred of others over something so seemingly trivial – who one loves. This self righteousness needs to end. This high holiness needs to end. The discrimination against the LGBT community being made to feel like “the other” NEEDS TO STOP. It doesn’t just affect them. It does affect me. A straight, middle class female. Because I’m afforded these privileges and these rights while my friends and fellow humans are not. I am not getting bullied and beaten and called names and even killed because of who I’m attracted to and who I love. And neither should they.

So, Carrie Prejean, you keep fighting and being a martyr for your cause, but as long as your self righteous self is out there, I’m going to be out there fighting you. And no, I won’t agree to disagree. Ever.