I miss my political blog

by bethanybump

I need the new MacBook that has eight hours of battery life. Oh, the simplicity that would bring to every day! I say this as I currently have 25 percent battery left.

Some Newhouse professor nominated me for some Newhouse award. The category is “for a junior woman who has demonstrated outstanding potential in journalism.”

Exciting right? I’m humbled that somebody would think to submit my name. More than that, the curiosity of who did so is killing me.

We also just found out who our mentor is going to be for the big DO Palooza weekend. I’m super excited to find out that mine will be Dave Levinthal, a political beat reporter for the Dallas Morning News. He was a former Editor in Chief at The Daily Orange. I’m eager to learn as much as I can from somebody in the field I would love to get into. The whole weekend should be a wonderful networking opportunity. Words can’t express 🙂

I guess several things kind of dawned on me this week. Not in the toilet seat epiphany fashion, but rather just a walking in the sunshine on my way back home kind of moment. I’m going to apply for the position I want, regardless of 1) what other people think 2) if I think I’m even qualified 3) if I think I could handle the stresses of the job 4) if my grades might slip 5) if others will see this as arrogant  and 6) as terrified as I might be.

I can’t particularly explain WHAT is compelling me, but I can see my future career looming at the end of these four college years, and I’m anxious to get there, and I’m anxious to do what it takes to go out with a bang.