Spring Semester: The beginning

by bethanybump

Classes haven’t even started and my sleep schedule is out of whack. Ever since I got back for Christmas break my sleep was all sorts of messed up. I never got out of that habit it seems, since I’m up at 2:47 a.m. and cannot make myself fall asleep.

I’m glad to be back at Cuse! Though, the snow is more ubiquitous than ever and the salt stains on my jeans do not particularly please me. It’s good to be back. I can focus my energy into something productive when I’m at school, whereas at home I did… well, nothing.

We had a staff meeting today. First night of production begins tomorrow (today technically)! I can’t wait to get started. The meeting was long but necessary. We did introductions, ran over basic shit, the logistics and what not.

Anyways, just thought I’d do a quick update, nothing else to really report. I’m going to try to post nearly every day if I can remember. Sayanoraaa.