Best Week Ever

by bethanybump

So, without all the Obamarama this week, what is there going on in our lives?


It has been another stressful week, though I am now one week closer to break. How do I feel right now?


Defeated. Drained. A bit sensitive. I’d like to only write when I’m feeling optimistic, but that’s not always the case. There are some things coming up that I am a little apprehensive about, but I’ll leave that for later.


As for right now, I feel like making a list. Let’s call it…. Weekly Recap.


1. Obama Mania. Dancing in the streets. Screaming. Crying. Amazing.


2. Centipede makes its debut in Marion 122. Screaming. Crying. Not amazing.

3. “Stay in New York, Pam.” Nooooo, go away annoying NY guy who has a crush on Pam. You can’t interfere with Jam, also known as perfection!


4. Unrequited love. I want the new MacBook. Almost as much as I wanted Leo DiCap in his heyday.


5. Dearth of New York Times Wednesday morning. Surprise? No, there are never any on campus anyway, why would I expect to get one when they ran out of them in NYC before it even hit noon? I really want one. Ebay, perhaps?



I am surprised at how short this list is. Everyone who knows me knows that I love long lists. Maybe next week. I’m pretty deflated right now. I don’t really know why I decided to post.