Crushes throughout time

by bethanybump

Time for a fun post. I started thinking back to when I developed these really insane celebrity crushes. They were intense, to say the least. Peruse the following list to see my favorite celeb crushes throughout my teen years. For I only have a few short months of teenagedom to go. =]


Leonardo DiCaprio

My first celebrity crush. I was simply a neophyte in the world of celebrity-obsessed culture before Titanic and Leo came along. I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t eat. I was 11, I believe. Embarrassing, but true: he is still the only male who has ever created such an overwhelming sense of unrequited love in me.


Rider Strong

Oh, c’mon now. It’s Shawn Hunter! He lived up to his name as a bad boy, even while playing an 11-year-old kid on Boy Meets World. Mmm, every ’90s girl crush.


Hugh Grant

Yeah, I was really into this pervy perv here, I’m pretty sure when I was about 13. I liked older men, what can I say. The British accent didn’t hurt. I was hooked. I watched everything he was in and I believe assembled some sort of make-shift shrine.


Jude Law

Very possibly, a perfect specimen gracing our presence here on Earth. Not only was it his perfectly coiffed hair that killed me (sadly of which he has lost recently), but those baby blues and unequivocal charm that only those Brits seem to muster made him irresistible.


Richard Ruccolo

This picture really doesn’t do him justice, especially with that biotch all up in his grill. But, for some reason I was convinced Richard Ruccolo was the man for me. I think it was his character Pete Dunville on the short-lived and underrated sitcom Two Guys and a Girl that really grew on me. I’d say this crush was the equivalent, if not more intense, than that of Hugh Grant.


Tom Felton

Yeah, he be ugly as f@$k these days, but I’ve always been attracted to the evil side. What can I say? Bad boys are just hotter than the good ones. And Tom Felton as Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter zeitgeist was unmatched in his evilness, besides, you know, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.


Jake Epstein

Ahhhh, it’s Craig from Degrassi!!! I was truly in love with this boy. Not only did he charm me with his guitar playing and singing on Degrassi, but he sounded exactly like Death Cab for Cutie, my favorite band! He was the hottest guy on that crappy Canadian show that frankly, is pretty addicting and simultaneously embarrassing to admit you watch. But, I just loved Craig. Mmm.


Joshua Jackson

Ohh, well hello there Mr. Pacey Witter. You were my favoritestttt. That’s right. Ain’t no one can lay on the charm like the affable Pacey from Dawson’s Creek. What with his fumbling, self-effacing ways, you could just eat him right up.


Julian MacMahon

Dr. Christian Troy. How I love your nefarious, man-whoring ways on the provocative Nip/Tuck. Once again. Bad boy. That’s all it takes.


Zac Efron

Ain’t no one can do the pretty like Zefron. Even though I was way past the point in having crushes on Disney stars, I made an exception for this young lad. He happens to be the picture of perfection and one can never be too pretty.


Ed Westwick

Because he’s Chuck Bass. ’nuff said.


John Krasinski

John John John. Or, I should say… Jim Jim Jim. I love you! No one can do the silent, but shocked face quite as well as you. Or tell a story to the camera with their eyes the way you do. Or enamor girls (and guys) with just one look. Or look dumbfounded quite the way you do. Or smile in just the adorable way that you do. Or pull off the seriously mussed-up do the way you can. *Sigh* There are no words for John Krasinski.


And my last and final crush, who surpasses all time spans and all generations of love. Who can be as handsome, sexy, cute, adorable, f%@king hot, gorgeous, pretty, and perfect, perfect, perfect as this man can? Well, that’s right. No one. Only the one and only Tom Welling can live up to any of the aforementioned attributes simultaneously.

Besides that ho who needs to get up out of there real fast, there is simply nothing that could ever hinder my love for Tom. Tom Welling is simply put: the most perfect human specimen on the planet Earth (or Krypton, for you Smallville fans). I beseech you, dear reader, to find one flaw with this beautiful man and I will happily eat those words. Until then, I will forever be let down by the ordinary men I pass by in real life, knowing that my future husband will always be inferior in comparison to Mr. Welling here. In fact, it pains me that our dear Lord above would only make one and only man so perfect, to bestow upon one woman his love and beauty. It’s a perfect example of life’s cruelties.