Loving someone is hard, but hate, hate is so… clean

by bethanybump

It’s amazing how much politics, religion and skin color can divide people. I’m leaving a lot unsaid. Gender, sexual orientation, social class, geographical upbringing, age. Why do these things impede our ability to see the person behind these qualities? There are so many unique people out there. I, personally, feel as though I have so much to learn from people. But, sadly, we are on guard half the time. On the defensive because of the state of the world. Naturally, we are much less hindered than we were a century or two ago. But, there is still much room for progress. I don’t know. I just know that someone can believe in Allah or be attracted to the same sex, and still be a human being on the inside. Still have a heart and a yearning to grow and learn and be free and happy. I know I do. Sometimes, I take for granted my status as a straight, middle class, white American. I’m not saying people like me should walk around with their heads down, shamed that they are privileged while others are berated. I’m not advocating affirmative action bullshit or reverse racism. I’m just saying, think about it. I will NEVER know what it feels like to be different and shameful of being attracted to another woman, or know what it feels like to have people hate me before knowing me simply because of a belief in Allah. Yeah, I want to be happy and not think about things like this. Think about the fact that people make so much room for hate in their hearts when there is so much potential for love and all things good. I would just like to think that we are all better than this. Better than what we’ve become.