Writer’s crush

by bethanybump

Muffins, while delicious, are too crumbly for my liking. I usually opt for the cranberry orange, but I grabbed a pumpkin muffin five minutes ago in Pages. Yummy. Far more crumbly than the former. My dinner tonight.


At my booth. Tonight: filling out a lengthy review sheet for my geology exam on Thursday. The article I’m working on is in need of one more source so I think that will be done by tomorrow. This week got off to a rocky start, what with me feeling a bit off for some reason, but it’s shaping up nicely. I’m in the mood for a bit of spontaneity today. I hope that befalls me soon. I get very caught up in the rigorous planning of my days and weeks, so I sort of feel like going out and dancing in a crowd of people I don’t know. I want to get off campus.


Today is showing the first signs of what’s to come for us Syracuse U students. Somehow when I remember all my good memories from last year, they do not involve trudging 15 minutes in snow blizzards. So, not looking forward to that. Though I do think it will bother me less this year. It certainly makes a trooper out of everyone. It was drizzly all day.



Rain is cool.


Also, I’m in love with a fellow Newhouse/poli sci major and writer. I’ll just say I am definitely in the early stages of stalker mode. Hah. I kid. Maybeee.