Alone in a melee

by bethanybump

Can you guess where I am?


Before I get started studying, I feel like clearing my head. I haven’t been able to at all today. Today has been an “off” day, if you will. I can usually handle stress with some degree of productivity, but today I’m not sure what it is that is affecting me. At first I thought it was lack of sleep, then I thought it was lack of food in my system. I felt as if I was suffering from delusion or having a bout of vertigo. Anyway, work can’t wait for me to get over it, so, no use in analyzing it.


I was just thinking that while seclusion can be depressing, that it is actually essential to my existence most of the time. Don’t get me wrong, I like being around people – at times. Well, I should use an example.


I’ve become addicted to my respites at the library each day. I come in with my life, sit at a comfortable booth in a crowded library by myself and just organize my life, get my head together and get massive amounts of work done. I’m usually here for a majority of the night. So, my roommate had to study today so she joined me here, but we ended up traversing over to a smaller booth with one outlet too far away from me and right as I sit down two of her friends join us. Whatever, small beans. But, now I can’t get in the right frame of mind. I don’t mind her friends being here or whatever. But, I think it sort of proves that a little alone time is best for me. Maybe I’m a weird one, but I’m not about to worry about my quirks. That’s me. So.. yeah.


Alright, time to read.