by bethanybump

I’m sitting at a booth at Pages Cafe in the Library. I only frequent this place every day now because I have been feeling rather homey and want an old timey bookstore that smells like old books and is quaintly tucked away in a deluge of fall-colored leaves. But, from what I’ve been reading, there is a place like that near campus, except it’s a bit out of walking distance. And while I am much more inclined to taking long walks than I was say, two years ago, the time it would take to walk there and back every day is not feasible with my schedule.


The campus library will make do, for now. Initially I felt no need to count down the days until break is upon us, but lately I’ve been fantasizing about playing with my nephew and reading a good book on my front porch and smelling the country air. I’ve become a little old woman. =)


It’s okay. I’m much more content with myself than I was only a year ago.


I’ve been researching the flu the last hour for the next article I’m working on, and it’s one big snoozefest. I don’t know why in the world I am on the health beat. Especially being that I am the antithesis of health. I WOULD work to change that and it’s on my to-do list, but it’s not easy to get around to.


Tomorrow after classes and lab, my dad is picking me up and I’m going to see a show in Clifton Park. Relient K, Ludo, House of Heroes and This Providence. I’m excited for the first three bands and I’ve already seen Relient K before so it should be a good show. I love shows. =)


Plus, I’ll get some good family bonding time in and see my little round-headed nephew. Yay. I ❤ the kid.


I love fall.